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witcher 3 Towerful of Mice Complete Walkthrough & What Is A Pesta

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Twists and turns be in many quests passim The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it is specially so in the spectral labor known as “A Towerful of Mice”.

This pursuit can be picked up directly after additive the previous one in the questline. A Letter from Keira Metz turns around the wizard. She will say Geralt about some deaths close to Fyke Isle and its moving tower. It seems to be cursing the orbit and causing big hurt. Use some leads supply by the wizard, Geralt heads off to study a Witcher 3 tower invade with mice. As well as a giant of a few motley, including a ghostly foe at the ticker of the conflict.

Witcher 3 Towerful Of Mice

This quest relates a fair bit of fight, clue finds, as well as a tricky mind that fools most into a prize the worse out of the 2 last. Convey, there are ways to act each phase of this seek optimally and with little action, as noesis is ability in the world of The Witcher. Keep track of the chief objectives for a little trying time memory everything.

Main Objectives

  • Transverse the water to Fyke Islet (swim or use a boat)
  • Cut done the giant on the island and go to the tower
  • Explore the internal of the tower soundly
  • Unveil the mage’s research lab
  • Function the wizardly lamp given by Keira to study the workplace
  • Utility the powers of the lamp to touch the look of Anabelle
  • Take Anabelle’s stiff to Graham OR take Graham to the pillar on the island
  • Study back to Keira about what went behind and rank the pursuit.

Investigating The Tower & Alexander’s Lab

Upon entering the tower, be braced to deal with a lot of rats. Peculiarly if one is at a full level, for if the actor has the level order function on, these rodents can rake through one’s welfare bar amazingly quickly. While grapple off these small but militant foes, Geralt must search the tower to unveil the cause of the fate and last Keira mentioned.

Using the charming lamp that the wizard gave him, Geralt can see the last, grim events of expiry that took a spot on the island. There is 4 such case to unveil within the tower and 3 without, which will show a mow down of rustic. After the erudition of these 7 birth and how they hap, the quest will news and will tell that Geralt should nous to the top of the tower to study.

After some review and doable use of one’s witcher import, players should deed 2 pries in the top area of the tower. When both twist, they will let on an entry. Going through it will carry Geralt to the work of a mage titled Alexander. Which the actor will learn all about if they use the magic lamp to speak to the tone home in the lab: Anabelle.

Speaking With Anabelle

The speech Geralt has with the tone of Anabelle will archer the player of how Maker Vserad and his tribunal, see his daughter Anabelle and his court wizard Alexander, were overwhelmed by a pest of rats that drove within the tower.

Still, this hap because Alexander was an inquiry about the mice and they grew too almighty. Bucolic had raided the land, search to kill those amenable for the pest, though some fell to the rat cache and became a matter for necrophages. She goes on to William Tell Geralt that she dislikes her lover, Billy Graham, for not serving her when the kill was going down.

The witcher will awareness that she has a brawny air of gall about her and comes to the conclusion that it is this ailing will that is cursing the land.

Geralt then goes on to inform that he accept the best way to fortuity the Oath, borne from love, is with the other opinion: love. There are 2 ways to spell about this, however, neither will lead to the due effect.

Choose How To Break The Oath?

Geralt advises that Anabelle try kind Graham for by chance wildness her, for he idea that she had died, due to the slickness of one of Alexander’s drink. She holds to try and replies that she will yield Graham if Geralt takes him her object and he hides them.

This looks like a sensible “yes”, still, the spirit of Anabelle is no specified fallible ghost, but a Pesta (plague maiden) in a gloss! There are immensely assorted outcomes, be on if one agrees to take Anabelle’s maraca to Graham or not. 

Taking Anabelle’s Remains To Graham

If one does this, Graham will hide the clappers and Geralt will set off. Still, before the witcher returns too far, he hears a noise and rushed back to Graham to the insight that the male is dead.

His fresh stiff is enclosed by rats and is being sneered at by Anabelle, now in her actual form as a rotten Pesta. The oath breaks but the pestis maiden space off before Geralt can stop her, comely a pandemic for the near area.

Refusing To Bring The Remains To Graham

This will anger Anabelle and cause her to swarm maiden shape, though, she cannot be foiled while the Oath is active. Geralt must sign and go see Graham in the northern of Oreton and state things to him ahead reversive with the man to Fyke Isle.

The booze of the rustic will attack as a ghost, so be sure to do go with them by fitness use of some Array Oil on one’s blade and use of the Yrden sign. Enter the pillar and meet Anabelle, which affects Graham proving his hate for her by petting the Pesta.

This fortuity the Oath and allows Anabelle’s feel to pass on, though, the touch with the plague first kills Graham in the activity.

The 2 dears reunite in the afterlife and Geralt is able to motion on as well, the soul finished all he could.

Careless of the result one chooses, the player can come back to Keira after all is said and cooked to rank the quest. She will also ask the witcher for some other kindness, tyro the next one in the questline, “A Favour for a Soul”.

Witcher 3 fyke isle

The quest artifact that looks on the map after talking to Keira will asset Geralt to a vessel on the beam that he can use to go to Fyke Isle.

The island is secure amazingly well, so it can be gawky trying to insight a place to make the coast. Pick a place and park the vessel before getting on to search the island. Be shy, as there is a mixture of necrophage foes lounge on this spit of land, viz. rotfiends, drowners, and thieves.

Having a few Necrophage Oil to refer to one’s blade can sort parcel out these monsters a bully deal faster. Ignite is also adroit on these loathly fiends, as well as the clouds of plaguy black space that also blanket this foul island. Cut a belt through all of the foes and exit the tower.

What Is A Pesta/Plague Maiden?

Pesta is also best-known as plague maidens, as they are dead ghosts with the quality to spread illness in the real global. They have the ability to pass with and power disease-carrying animals, such as drove of faith and rats.

The one that Geralt fights was once a female titled Anabelle, who formerly drank a potion that ill her body, credible riot rustic that she was at rest. Anabelle was eaten alive by rats while still low the effects of the drink, which led to the reversive repair of the people like a plague maiden.

Where Do You Fight Her?

The Pesta boss fight goes on during the “A Towerful of Mice” Hunt. Geralt is sent to the form on Fyke Isle by Keira Metz, in a state to try out the search notes right by a mage called Alexander.

It’s Here that Geralt will see the floor of Anabelle and her lost love with a woman titled Graham. Anabelle will enquire Geralt to take her clappers to Graham and if he refuses, the 2 must fight.

How Can She Be Harmed?

Geralt has to scrap the Pesta brag mates of times, but the initial few conflicts involve blow Anabelle with the blade and deed her to flee. Once the 2 of them reach the side of the tower, Anabelle will increase a boss health measure and the true scrap will begin.

In order to set for the Pesta boss battle, the actor should stock up on Wraith Oil, which will gain the hurt dealt with her.

Geralt lives how to create this oil by failure and it can be made with few bear fat and 4 Arenaria prime. The easiest way to grow these parts is by purchasing them from Tomira the healer in White Grove. The boss is also allergic to being poky down by the Yrden clue.

During the fight, the Pesta chief will fire clouds of crowd insects at Geralt, which will batch a ton of change. The actor can use the Igni sign to toss off this clique.

The boss tendre to cost at Geralt, so the actor needs to be set to jump reverse at a moment’s notice and hurry in for a fire. This is an effort of attrition, so the performing artist needs to be set with Wraith Oil and any other buffing food & drink they can get their force on. Keep shift between Yrden to drawn-out her set and Igni to hurt the insects, and keep chip off at her until she is foiled.

The Witcher 3 walkthrough

A Witcher 3 Towerful of Mice is the prototypical pursuit to the path of Latin Keira Metz. She inevitably you to aid the Oath on Fyke Island. Jump into Keira’s ride and canvas to Fyke Island.

Upon getting, the land has Drowners, Thief, and Rotfiends. Broad them out and go pillar starred on your midi map. Ascent the steps and begin your shade-busting probe. Make certain to equip the magical lamp from Keira and utilize it to find shade around. In entire, there are 8 places where you can use the witching lamp:

  • Behind the Slow travel point (they talk about how beautiful the defense is going to be)
  • North of the slow travel point. Near the edge of the pink search area on the land.
  • On the east side of the flat.

You can draft them out to gain spare EXP. Go from the cellar up to the top level, fillet to spy on specters. Once you range the 4th floor, Keira will beg there is a lab on the 5th floor. Use your Witcher Import to deed a hidden bar to show the 5th floor.

In the lab, too horrifying tests on humans, you will insight the root of the Oath, a teen adult named Anabelle. When talk with Anabelle you hear that she was dare dead because of a heavy-duty sleep drink. When she awoke, the worker ate her dead. A pretty grim birth. You now have 2 choice to rank the pursuit.

A Towerful of mice

A Towerful of Mice is an alternate pursuit in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Play of the quest is needed in a bid for Geralt to Latin Keira Metz and/or to go her to aid safe at Kaer Morhen.

There are 7 places you can usage the furniture. They are bespoken by a greenish glow. Using the furniture and observance the ghosts will give 40 XP each.


There are 3 floater you can usage the lamp right the tower.

  • Outside to the left of the entry.
  • The north most shore in the marked area.
  • Near the tower to the south.


There are 4 floater you can use the furniture on inner the tower.

  • On the first floor next to the pantry.
  • In a cell next tot the north wall.
  • On the ground floor near to the fireplace.
  • On the second floor is the left Bedroom. Will give 50 XP instead.