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Where to Find Mandrake Cordial in The Witcher 3 | How to get Ingredients

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The number of various alchemical constituents required for The Witcher 3 is somewhat daunting. Because of that, wise what you want early on might bar you some worry later.

One of these crucial factors is the Mandrake Cordial. Which is daze useful in a lot of mid-late game drink formulas. So, scorn the fact that you can acquire it early on, it might not be an awful idea to start to heap it quickly. But, if you find yourself lacking any genial. Then where should you go to sewing some more?

To go Mandrake Cordial in The Witcher 3, you’re deed to have to steal a lot of alcohol. Also, You can buy these Cordials from most hosts and merchants in major towns garbled across the sphere.

While it’s not secured to appear in shop ware. It has the luck of appearing with Bram, Elsa, Jonas, The Alchemy Inn, and the Army officer and Dealer in Crow’s Perch. With the Blood & Wine step-up, you can also former find it in Toussaint.

This is a costly alchemical constituent, luckily. There’s no real mode to get it other than outlay your hard-earned mint on it. This can be peculiarly sticky without the Blood and Wine step-up. Since the DLC sees more choice for whom you can buy this cordial from.

Maybe the best point for you to collect the Mandrake Cordial is the merchant in Crow’s Pole. Even better, this bourgeois also keeps a furnish of Cherry Cordial. If you want to get a big pile of Cordials, then you can just talk with him. Also parting the shop, and then talk with him again. Doing so will fill again his stock, letting you steal him out of all his genial over and over again.

The Mandrake Cordial is crucial for trade White Gull. An alchemical recipe that becomes of import in The Witcher 3 endgame. Also, We highly advise saving the coin to aid an Alchemy build. And then rural both Cordials at Crow’s Point. Elsa carries a banal of them, too, for actors who can expend them before in the story.

Where to Find Mandrake Cordial in The Witcher 3

Mandrake Cordial

Mandrake cordial is advised as an alchemy constituent in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and thus can’t be used up as a regular portion. It’s needful to trade white gull

It can be acquired from the following bourgeois

  • Bram in White garden
  • Elsa at the White garden inn
  • Inn keep in Harken
  • Jonas the Innkeep in Kaer Trolde
  • Bourgeois in Down warren
  • Bourgeois in Novi grad at the South end of Tretogor Gate
  • Inn keep at The Golden Sturgeon
  • The Alchemy Inn in Oxen furt
  • Inn keep in Lindenvale
  • Bourgeois in Oxen furt
  • Bourgeois in Oregon
  • Trader in Crow’s Perch
  • Quartermaster in Crow’s Perch
  • Inn keep at Fox Hollow 
  • Inn keep at The Scarlet Cardinal Inn

Cherry Cordial

Cherry cordial is utilized to form a white gull. It can be bought from the tailing merchants:

Cherry cordial tone is a high degree potion base. It is used to alcohol drink with four elements.

  • Elsa at the White garden inn
  • the trader in Down warren
  • Stjepan at The Alchemy
  • the inn keep at The Golden Sturgeon
  • the inn keep at the Crossroads
  • Jonas the Inn keep at The New Port
  • the Inn keep in Svorlag, Harken, Uralla harbor