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Skyrim DLC Lost To The Ages Walkthrough Complete Guide With Location

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Katrina has devoted her being to find the Aetherium Forge. Unluckily, she died in a quake while in the Dwemer secret before she could rank her hunt. Now the project water to you, Dovahkiin. Can you deed all the Aetherium sherd & last the unsafe Dwemer ruins full with device & ancient bimetal tutelary? Well, if you status any help we’ve unmade a guide to go you done this large side search.

Upon play, this side searches aid you in the Lost to the Ages award or action and a real natty item. Gait to the end of this small walk-through to seat what’s up for the mechanical device.

Skyrim Lost To The Ages

Skyrim Arkngthamz

After novice Lost to the Ages, the actor will be oriented towards Arkngthamz. Set just south of Dushnikh Yal in The Limit, close Markarth. After travel, a ghostly sound will tell the actor to turn rear and leave, though if they go on ahead.

The spook of Katria will address them and inquire them what they are static doing here. After a brief speech, Katria will hold to go the user to feat the Aetherium Shard inner Arkngthamz.

If actors don’t keep active with this side search, Katria will go on to follow them. In the ended world and is a deific follower, not unlike Barbas with the Daedra’s First Soul quest.

The keep itself is fairly bilinear and hard to get mislaid in. Though there are single high falls that may track to the actor by chance last. If they aren’t certain, not like how Katria perish.

Towards the point of the keep, the musician can find Katria’s old knot. Zephyr, which flames 40% faster than daily knot & can be charmed on top of its built-in effect. In the last room, there is a tonic fixing that needs to be feat with mark. Or missile spells in order to open to the entrance that leads to the Aetherium Shard.

Though deed the combination false will lead to the actor being onset by Dwarven robot. After 4 failing attempts, a Warrior will emerge to scrap the user.

This is a very arduous battle for low-level quality but will rate the end of the actor. Being fire on a failed try, with the elision of the ballista rigid into the object.

After getting the right combination, which is the inferior left, bottom correct, top left, top exact, and center control.

The side gates will ajar and track the way to the way with the Aetherium Shard. This is also clutch a couple of irregular chests that should be pillaged. As well as many Dwarven Fleck pieces and a Generator Core.

After fetching the shard, Katria will go on without you. Only attending at each fresh physical object once the actor reaches it.

Skyrim Aetherium Forge

The Aetherium Forge can be entree through the Ruins of Bthalft, saved north of Ivarstead. After a stretch, the ruins, spot the shards on the base in order to gain right.

To the lift into the main keep and the final portion of the Lost to the Ages search. Once wrong the edifice, follow the way to another tonic lock. This is much less complex than the first 1 and simply definite quantity the actor to hit all of the twirl in any bid.

Once internal the chief room shuts sour the steam device to sum way to the forge itself. This will trigger a struggle with many Dwarven zombies in the agile series, result in the main hirer, the Forgemaster.

Like every other Dwarven Warrior fight so far, this one respires fire instead of vapor and is immune to fire harm.

The best mode to attack this boss fight is to hit it with Hoar harm from afar. As the fire activity can thaw away a large ball of welfare on even high-level quality. Once the Forge artist has been licked, take all of the lists from the box to the far left of the work and talk to Katria.

Skyrim Lost to The Ages Location

First Shard

The first debut in Katria’s diary, words from Arkngthamz, talks about a spot called Bthar-zei. This is very well lost with the Dwemer ruin Bthardamz. But is, in fact, pay in Deep Tribe Crossing, found north of Markarth. And nearby Fruca’s Leap Stronghold.

While it is a whole isolated activity, Bthardamz is relatively sided by side. To Shallow Folk Crossing, saved just south of the location of the 2d Aetherium Sherd.

Though unlike the initial piece, this one isn’t inner a keep. And is out in the ajar on a pedestal at the full point of Deep People Ford.

Second Shard

The ordinal entry in Katria’s writing describes the direct source of Aetherium. This is set inside Raldbathar, a Dwemer decay that users must go in. For one of the bravo in the Dark Class quest Bereft Ever Comes.

If users haven’t yet done the Dark Class questline, Radbathar is lost. The west of Windhelm, just south of the chief river. And is usually settled by thieves. Once the thief has been clear from the main area, mind into the far. Way at the back of the keep to go in Raldbthar Deep Class & head sound into the decay.

There aren’t galore tough foes that make life hard inner. Raldbthar, though there are both Balmer and Dwarven robots that are joint to all Dwemer decay. In the net room, still, there are not only some Falmer & Chaurus to fence with. But also other Dwarven Centurion that onset the user erst the entry to the Aetherium Piece has been open.

In a bid to open this entry, the user needs to play all of the trains. In this room to make the span fall and let the user change fore. While most of these wheels are relatively soft to spot, there is one artful gear aquatic. Just below where the span falls.

Once the Warrior has been licked & the Aetherium Sherd has been seized. Users can change on to the close ruin and the close sherd.

Third Shard

The final sherd, much like the 2nd shard, isn’t recovered inside a big cell. Though it is set behind several barred doors or else.

The object of this Aetherium Shard is said to be a store site for raw Aetherium. Near a star city. This prima city isn’t one presently inhabited and cite to Mzulft. The Dwemer edifice that users are unsent to for the Body of Winterhold.

Quest Telltale the Unseen, where users are projected to find a map to find the Staff of Magnus.

Withal, the Aetherium Shard isn’t lost inside the main cell. And is instead placed in an apart building, wage just right of the main entry to Mzulft.

After traveling this edifice, users will either want to unlock a Good level door. In order to compass the Aetherium Sherd or go close to through a copulative. A room that has a far more sticky lock to lock pick.

This region room also has a bigger bit of Dwarven waste. That is reusable for razing up the Smithing skill or fitness. Dwarven Bolts for the Bow. After winning the final Aetherium Sherd, Katria will praise the user. And archer them to just her at the Aetherium Smithy.

Which Item To Forge

After a short speech, Katria will realize that the user can use the Aetherium Sherd. To craft an alone Aetherium item, but the user can only take one won’t get the casual to change their brain later. 

The Aetherial Body is probably the matter useful, though the quality to cite. Dwarven Spiders or Orbit is a unique ability that isn’t easy in any other way. The Aetherial Armor is a relatively helpful item that turns foe aery. Those are exploited with its buckler bash onset, removing them from the battle for a little time.

The most helpful item for the fewest users is the Aetherial Top, which allows the user to grip two Slack Stone powers at once.

Once the user has to pet their item, Katria will convey them for their help and end, additive the quest.

However, if users have Ahzidal’s Trunk of Waterwalking, the Lamia Lord form. Or the Become Unreal shout, they can look into the area now. Behind the work to find some irregular boxes that are otherwise remote.

Where to find Aetherium Forge?

Travel to the Decay of Bthalft, which is directly south of Ivarstead and the cold north of Riften. Once there, talk to Katria, who will be ready for you. Put the sherd into the Dwemer Mechanics, then once the line is collected, issue it out and stand lucid. The level will rise, creating a hot entryway. Use it to descend into the forge.

You’ll yet reach the locked entrance pictured supra. Hit both resonators to shut the route. When you orbit the actual fake, shut off the go by shutting the nearby device. Once you do, a gathering of the dwarven souls will attack.

After you end all of the modal machines, the Forge artist boss will be. After having been crowd by so many foes at once, finish this one big foe should be an easy task for you. Just be alert that the Forge master eludes fire onset.