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Sims 4 Slice of Life Mod | All Kawaiistacie Mods Download & Use Guide

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With an excess of a mod kind to make your Sims 4 game much gripping and closer to reality, it’s simply difficult to settle what plant for you and what doesn’t. Still, there is a fresh mod available in the activity to make your decision-making activity much easier.

Sims 4 Slice of Life

This is the Slice of Life Mod for the Sims 4 game. This peculiar module has been planned to centering on the improver of more reality inside the game. With this teen, you can add various bodily changes to the Sims settled upon the fresh buffs, mood, as well as the cell menu that is bad akin to that of Sims 4 Cultural Media Mod.

The sims 4 slices of life mod is relevant to each and every Sim, and this regard the NPC same as well. So, in suit you have transferred the game’s SMM ability simply for phone action, you might go for this specific power as opposed to the old. This is due to the info that it isn’t based on people.

How to Download Sims4 Slice of Life Mod?

In order to download and install this mod, you want to stay on the authorized kawaii Stacie stylish page. By doing so, you will acquire a way to the mod file that is procurable for upload in the zip format. After you have transferred the zip file, open up the element, and spot them within the Sims 4 mod folder. Make sure you don’t make multiple crimps like one folder within another. Spot them in the shortened possible tract.

Once you have set the files in the mod book, go to your lame and alter the Slice of life Sims 4 mod.

When this is finished, closed down the game and uphold the same to check the mod is right set to work. Cause the mod doesn’t work, there might be lucky that your mod isn’t inset with the modified game. To fail-proof this supply, you want to transfer the current patch and make sure you have removed the early variant to ensure sympathy.

How You can Install Slice of Life Mod?

Keep in recall that you follow the facility protocol by creating this option tract or directory:

Documents > Electronic Arts Folder> The Sims 4 > Mods

If you do not require the add-on attribute of the mod, such as the social group or memory group, it can easily be removed. Still, you want to keep in head that the file titled “KS – SOL MainSystem.package” should by no means be erased as it is a caviling part of the mod.

Sims 4 Slice of Life Mod Kawaiistacie

Belike one of the first Kawaiistacie mods is the syllable mod sims 4. The mod focusing on everything that you supply in the game for earthy content. From quality changes to a penchant, from the illness system to the menstrual cycle, from the retention system to several phone options, this mod offers all that you’ve ever requested.

Features Of The Mod

Emotion Changes

One of the large commerce points for The Sims 4 at launching was this emotion system that was expected to be absorbing and game dynamic for sims users. Withal, for a lot of groups it kind of brutal flat.

This mod makes it amended by dynamic some of the status used when your sims are stating a stronger feeling. For instance, when a sim is stating sad they are active to have a black blue moodlet and this moodlet is the said if they become very depressing.

I’ve always lost that this isn’t deep decent for my gameplay and this mod will affect that very gloomy to low. Or occurrence very teases to ardent.

Here’s a list of the alteration to the emotions scheme that the sims 4 slice of life mod kind:

  • Abashed to Humiliated
  • Energized to Wired
  • Awkward to Miserable
  • Divine to Imaginative
  • Assured to Fearless
  • Coltish to Silly
  • Aggravated to Furious
  • Gloomy to Depressed
  • Aroused to Stressed
  • Vamp to Passionate
  • Adjusted to In The Zone

Appearance Changes

Some other part of the emotions scheme that I have ne’er been a device of in The Sims 4 is how a sim who is a state very gloomy and a sim who is state energized are going to basically have the said look on their face if they are doing the said project. I really lack that feeling system to be taken far with ocular and Stacie’s mod truly does this.

For instance, a sim who is sad is active to get a set of tearful look eyes that make it aspect like they are noisy. It may seem little but it increases such a big sense of reality that you wouldn’t even think.

There are a full bunch of these alteration that are accessible including:

  • Blushful when Flirty
  • Blushful when Embarrassed
  • Injury after a lost fight
  • Red Human face when about to vomit
  • Soiled keeping when sims have low hygiene
  • Crying in eyes when feeling gloomy

Getting Drunk

Since The Sims 4 is expected to be a teen charge game that is a spot more family affable, they aren’t truly able to add matter about being drunk at that point in real life. Convey, mods are able to do this and relate your game up a spot.

The sims 4 slice of life mod adds any degree to having your sims go out intake where after they finishing a drink it will take about 20 sim minutes for them to first feeling beery and they are active to be a various kindly of drunk all time.

For instance, one sim may be a vamp drunk while the other is a sad drunk. They won’t be the said kind of intoxicated each time they drink and it adds a spot of property. They are also going to have a chilling off play where they are starting to become dry and won’t be as apt to stroke up.

Acne and Skin Care

A big part of thriving up is erudition how to return care of your cutis and experiencing acne for the fir tree time. Alas, the only acne easy in The Sims 4 is only a choice in CAS and inevitably to be increased to your sims by you. You aren’t always going to seat your sims to get acne as an effect of poor medicine.

In the slice of life mod, your sims will decidedly get skin disease if they don’t yield aid of their skin. You have the choice of doing antithetic skincare from the Slice of Life card when you chink on your sim.

For example, if you take the daily care there will be a second each day when your sim is doing a human face mask skincare.

Doing this care is going to help your sims avoid deed acne and little break on their skin. If you don’t do this care or if your sim has hapless medicine you will in spades get acne and will get any counter moodlets when your sims have acne.

Losing Teeth

Something that is a large deal for children as they turn up is to keep their teeth. This is a thing I really wish was a portion of the game, peculiarly since it is SO ARTFUL when children are missing teeth.

The Slice of Life mod has it hap where at some factor when your children are feeding food they have a casual of win their advance teeth. It’s only needed to work for the front teeth, but it’s the artful thing and faces humorous in screenshots.

Personality System

A really big cry in the sims ownership is that single sims don’t truly have much of an attribute. You can have sims with completely various traits and these attributes aren’t a feat to make much of a dispute in the things your sim prefers to do or what they apply.

Stacie increases a truly cool personality system to the game settled on the 15 Personalities group that be in the actual world. This group yield each sim a 4 text personality that will bear on the holding they free prefer to do, and also will give perverse or hopeless moodlets trust on the holding they are doing.

For a model, a sim who has The Supplier or ESFJ personality they are going to be highly social and dear going to a contrary affair and act with others. They will also former get a moodlet rental you live that they lack to victuals prep for the period to ensure that their kin has solid to eat.

This may not seem like a thing that is all needful in the game but it really kind your sims spirit much more live and will assist you to secern the way you grace for assorted sims as well as the holding you want them to do on the regular.

Menstrual Cycle

When I basic detected that Slice of Life had a period or menstrual cycle system I was doubting. I thought it would yield me out of the lame and make it strange, but frankly, as a soul who experiences terrible periods, it sorts the game feel much less echt than acting without it.

It’s sick to me that this is not presently a part of the unfit since half of the integer gets their period at some point in their being, so you’d conceive it would be in a life machine. Anyhow, that’s not the element.

The menstrual cycle scheme in this mod is truly awful. Your sims will want to activate their pad or stopper every some hour or they will tone uneasy. They are going to have worry, cramps, and temper swings, and even some thirst for the matter.

There is the inability to take drugs to get rid of any of this evidence or even a choice to curve off periods altogether, so no anxiety if you don’t lack this portion of the mod.

Phone App

This mod is really chilly because it increases so many sports things that should fitting be in the game. In a slice of life, you get a net ton of phone apps that are really going to let your sims gain ability while they are active on their phone. There are apps like let’s gully, mama’s kitchen, or field sports simulator. These will yield your sims skill as you drama them. There’s even a prep helper for kids and time of life!

Sickness System

One of the most thought out environs of The Sims 4 is how no affair what sickness your sims have, they are leaving to just bid some drug online and spirit better. They can’t go to the physician, they can’t get immunogen, and it just doesn’t tone actually.

Slice of Life allows your sims to go to the infirmary when they are belief sick (for a fee of course) or go and acquire an immunogen to forbid themselves or their minor from getting ill often in the coming. They can also take a tablet to get rid of both of their grounds to try and tone better.

Memory System

Something that The Sims 4 doesn’t do well is memory events that hap in their ancient. There are immense life events that are on like death, disjoint, first, and so much more that you truly want your sims to believe about once in a while.

This mod to the game will alteration holding up and add retention in the word of buffs that will last a couple of hours. Sims will get gloomy when thought about death or will get coquette if they are rational about a past bully woohoo. It really is the little things in this mod that sort everything finer and make the halt feel much real.

New Woo Hoo Types

This mod adds some hot woohoo form for your sims to use. Basically off there is a bait-up option where your sims don’t want to have a crack higher arts relationship to woohoo with soul, there is even a choice for bacchic woohoo.

It also increases the power to self woohoo where your sims will shift into the bed only and have a scrap of fun. This gets on their fun up very quickly if you want help making them less tired and doesn’t ask a second person to acquire it done.

Body Image

This mod also increases a body image group where your sims will acquire various moods settled on how they are stating about their trunk. You can aid your own assurance using a mirror, or even praise other groups to give them more assurance and make them blissful.

You even have the choice to ruin other sims’ body icons if they have a negative relation with other sims, which is mean but occurs often.

How to Delete Slice of Life Mod System?

the Slice of Life mod is a unit of some great news. All of this news comes pre-installed with the stylish file. If you don’t lack an unsure System in your unfit then you can well take out them. Just ajar the Slice of Life mod hand tool. Choose the Method that you want to take, and erase it.

Slice of Life Buff mods

The Slice of Life mod turned fresh buffs and action in the game. Attribute like Emotion, talents, liking, ill-health system, and discharge cycle all have their detached buff content. Because this is a custom hand mod, you can’t utility new buff mods with this. Only the pre-human body mod will job fine with a slice of life.

Slice of Life Preference

Your sim will sight its liking by act with other sims or look Tv/movies. Sliver on your preference will grow the filon of a relationship with a mere sim. If you curve it off, then it is sticky to build a relation.

Slice of Life Talents

In real life, you try things and if you’re keen on it, you cry this is your gift. Other things practical to this mod. Your sim will try dual holding and if they tone good at it, they will prize it as a gift. Once your sim has elected a nominal talent, their skills level will gain by 4x. Also, you can usage these abilities as a money-making custom.

Slice of Life Party mods

sims 4 Slice of Life mod doesn’t contain any benign party mod attribute in the game. It only effects the physical quality of your sim see some extra characteristic like the menstrual cycle, fresh buffs, and action.