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Sims 4 More Columns & How to Get More Columns Latest V 1.10 2021

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The Sims 4 CAS columns mod is in use for the step-up of more columns in the halt. It is supply under the book panel in CAS (Make-A-Sim). The reason itself under 3 flavors, which are 3 columns, 4 columns, and 5 columns. In one way or some other, one has to make the tare work to go on action the game.

Sims 4 More Columns

The UI (User Interface) tare win to gain the number of columns in the game. And you could effect it too according to your comfort. This mod is congenial with all else mod of the game, which alter you to alter the full game.

More CAS columns in Sims 4

The Sims 4 has a hot mod, which give you with fewer CAS columns. CAS, which is Make-a-sim, has enhanced bit of columns & could be added up to the halt. You could insight it under the list panel. It reason itself under 3 varieties, 3 columns, 4 columns, and 5 columns. You could alter these columns according to you with the assist of UI halt cheats. This mod mix dead with your game.

Sims 4 cas columns glitch

Sims 4, 3 columns mod alter you to add 3 columns more, which gives you decent area. But the resolve inevitably to be big than 1280×720.

Sims 4, 4 columns mod furnish you with 4 columns in the game, which alter you with more real space. But the papers needs to be large than 1700×900. You will be cladding certain follow, which is Sims 4 CAS column bug. There should be no explicit related fin whenever you scrap status. CAS vista give your columns an attractive & sightly contact.

Sims 4 CAS Back Ground


This power gives you a marble BG, which ply you with more of a refined hall tone.


The dark theme has been the most mortal Sims 4 act a sim background. The dark and shady BG is much best for your lamia actor.

Hello Autumn

We all passion the spill before the spend. The season of sweater & deep coats will always be our pet. The crisp leaves & the slight rust stuff will give the background more vivid ambiance to your game.

Beach Pier

The love for leisure on beaches is the most we lack to do in the afoot times. But we can’t and hence the land pier BG is the foremost you could do at this time. Get your men on them now to use every bit of the land.

Alice in Wonderland

The Alice in wonderland is our puerility friend who used to hold us throughout. And Sims 4 CAS Back Groundence it will now be a object of our practical cosmos too. This mod will give you the best time of life memories and background end.

Stars and Colors

It will cater to a BG with all the ace & color. We all live how stars can attractively light upholding around & hence it does that for the game. Transfer this custom calm now to lighten up your game.

God is Woman

Ariana Grande does know how to exalt us with her vocal deeply, and “God is a female” has been in our top 5 since so lengthy. To spirit all the vibes, get this bespoke content.

Golden Bridge

We all want some esthetic vibes for our icon, and hence this module gives you everything you want. Perfect dark and best vigor you want.

Water Color

This custom content gives your game a background kindred to the pigment coat. This cool matter of flat is fantastic to utility as a BG.

Things To Remember 3 columns, 4 columns, And 5 columns

You must be sure with your game’s firmness because it shouldn’t be lame or down. As it could act a job in making more columns in Sims 4.
The 3 column family would not reply the right way if the papers is lower than 1380×720.

 Too, the column 4 grouping might not go correctly if the resolution is much little than 1500×900.

Likewise, the 5 column writing cannot get enforced if the resolution of the game is bunk than 1720×1080.

To have animal in the game like cats and dogs, you must have high resolve truth than the above class many columns sims 4.

Cas Columns: Compatibility


This installing has been news for a 2.52.100 game variant, which added a 5-column tone. This ascent has reconstructed many UI film like the centred activity of the list title. The ergodic feature, which evenly distributes the Sims, is now change to the right corner.

The width of the strain bar has accrued so that the added columns could fit on the surface. And other effect are related to the pet activity in the game


This start is for the raise 2.55.105 game edition.


This update is for a 2.58.63 game variation, which fixes Sims 4 CAS column bug, which is UI climb. With this game news, you could alter the UI scale, which shown on the pick fare. Fewer added columns would be shown in the taken firmness by a small UI size.

More CAS Columns: Warnings

If the resolve of your game is way too high, you might need the front of enough area to show up decent. The usage of the 3-column mod tone isn’t advisable. In case your resolve reported test bunk than the one 1380×720. On the another hand, the Sims 4 4-columns mod tone isn’t advisable in case the resolution test move than the one 1700×900. Lastly, the 5-column mod spirit isn’t advisable in case the resolution test lower than the one 1820×1080.

You want to keep in nous that in suit you are using the Cats & Dogs mod. It would need a high resolve for the sims 4 cas columns that will be easy to show in the “Create-A-Pet” Area. With the current 2.58.63 game update, there is a being to now alter your UI scale with the aid of your choice menu. With a littler size in status of UI, there will be a fitter chance for columns. To artifact up with the aid of the same resolution.

Sims 4 Columns Mod: Conflicts

If you hap to install the Sims 4 columns mod, this peculiar mod aid device the files traded below. It will also battle with the mods that lean to add the ones listed below:



These are the record you status to living in mind when considering the Sims 4 cas columns bug.

The flaw in Sims 4 more CAS columns.

Sims 4, 3 columns mod gives you the casual to add 3 more columns that make decent area, but you want resolution big than 1380×720.

  • Sims 4, 4 columns mod supply the chance to gain 4 columns in the game that occur to make decent space. But you must have big resolution than 1700×900.
  • There must be no explicit bugs whenever you look effort.
  • The scene in CAS sort your columns look cute.
How do you get more columns in CAS Sims 4?

In bid to get much columns in CAS sims 4, you just have to chink over the record inst. It towards the nether one-half of the game’s formal Patreon page. Choice the thing you lack & go the complete start process.

How do I make columns in Sims 4?

In bid to sort columns in Sims 4, you have to shape the catalog & spot the column. Next, snap the topmost deal & balk the same in an up & set way for re-sizing of the columns in Sims 4.

How can I make my Sims 4 better quality?

In order to form the Sims 4 better prime, you want to clink on the tab called “Advanced Launch Options.” Now, in the loge “Command Print Arguments”. Go in the letter “W” with no utility of citation plain. After this, set up the TS4 & action your cobble to better calibre as per take.

How do you download Sims 4 CAS background?

If you lack to download Sims 4 CAS view, you need to visit the bespoke content slice on the Katverse site. Here you can roll through a rank group of CAS backgrounds that are cold for your Sims 4 game.