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Sims 4 Basemental Drugs Mods | Become Drug Dealer & Make Money

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sims 4 Basemental Drugs is ready of structural drugs for TS5. The module property custom drugs and inanimate, altered close styles, moods, necessarily, come-ups, limit, hangovers, addiction, rehabilitation, basement, and lots of many elements. Yet Basemental or us, in no way advance, promote or glorify the usage of dose in real life. The harsh world and side of lengthy use of these is a crucial film of the change.

Sims 4 Basemental Drugs

It is a group of utilitarian drugs for The Sims 4. The mod attribute custom drugs, custom-made sensate, adjusted walk styles, changed moods, edited needs, come-ups, limit, abasement, survival, addiction, renewal, and loads more. sims 4 Basemental is in no way boost, encouraging, or extol the use of drugs in actual life. The harsh world and counter of long drug utilization is a key characteristic of the mod. The mods will not job with the Legacy variant of The Sims 4, nor on the obsolete spot of the game.

Sims 4 drug Mod

Move these steps to put in the sims 4 drug Custom Content:

  • Go to the site
  • Click on “Basemental Drugs mod” and click “Transfer.”
  • Then, ajar it in the transfer folder.
  • Now, zip-up (using 7-Zip), by clicking correct on the folder, then move the list of the booklet to your mods leaflet: Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 Folder > Mods Folder> Basemental Drgs. (Create a fresh folder)
  • Beginning and bask the game!

Now, when we have obstinate the characteristic and the info, it’s time for the illegal drug transfer and installing process. Go to the guidelines given below:

For PCs

  • First, transfer the basemental drugs.zip record from the link supply.
  • Then, an infusion that .zip file and set up the mod while following the tract offered, My documents > Electronic arts Folder> The Sims 4 Game > Basmental drugs.
  • Also, make sure you withdraw this mod while change so that it doesn’t reverse the file and predate the same manual again by transfer the new data.
  • Moreover, retrieve to eliminate the localthumbache.package record from the Sims 4 folder before you open up the game.

For MAC: Reiterate the identical steps as above.

Also, the points to be remembered are

  • Cancel all the older basemental data files before the change and start the fresh ones.
  • Moreover, if you face a job in social action in the game, then spot the basementaldrugs.ts4script files instantly into your absence mods booklet.
  • Also, make positive your mods and hand change before you first the game.
  • Do not put the transfer data into the subfolders.

Furthermore, if the above playing is not working then, go for “Shaman”. Although it won’t fling you drugs, it will allot an NPC to turn them for you. Follow the manual steps below:

  • Click on your fictional character.
  • Then, choose the banned drugs icon.
  • Then go to the cobble.
  • Now select the choice of “Assign NPC”. Although Shaman is contrary from drug firm as it won’t give you weed.
  • Then, choose a person you need to be your drug dealer.
  • Still, you want to greet the chosen quality nicely with an entry or other you won’t be fit to acquire “keen stuff” from them. 

What to do if Shaman is not offering Drugs?

  • Find a non-familiar NPC for this sims 4 drug trader mod.
  • Mouse click the NPC and then on the “depute agent dealer” option.
  • Acquaint yourself to him. Have more relation with him by speaking to him or deed to know him because high your relation with the dealer, finer are the drugs. You acquire.
  • Then, go to other pursuit <  drug handling, each pill has the handling skill connected to it.
  • Talk to the trader until you get the choice to seal the trade, which usually happens after 3 actions.
  • As you increase the skills, you’ll be unable to go a lot of benefit like buying the drug from the dark vane, and deed or find “woo-hoo” as a cyclical form of cost and also, get a choice of growth your weed!

Sims 4 Drugs update and Details

The banned drug Sims 4 is a soundly served drug shop with all the attendant activities like band marketing and purchase. The chief idea behind this pot mod Sims 4 is reality as people in actual life can be very much curious about doing drugs. 

The mod far supplies you with custom sentient and drugs, changed walk styles, humor, and necessarily. Furthermore, it helps you with various moodlets like cum ups, comedowns, peaks, craving, dosage, and official. Also, as mentioned above, it allows you to steal and buy these goods. A lot more movie are expedited to you with this mod, here are some: 


  • Intoxicant
  • Hard drug
  • Shrub
  • NDMA
  • Stimulant drug
  • Ayahuasca
  • Shrums
  • Herbaceous plant
  • Gaunt
  • Adderall

Drug dealings

  • Telephone calls
  • Commerce sex
  • Steal drugs
  • Sale drugs
  • Handling skills


  • Payment the police
  • Wealth laundering
  • Blow raids
  • Law busts

More features

  • Reclamation
  • Attribute
  • Hangovers
  • Celebrity and reputation
  • Leisure traditions
  • Society activities


  • Genitor reactions
  • Consumer calls
  • Autonomy
  • Law busts
  • Darnel commands
  • NPC picker

How to Become a Drug Dealer?

The basic thing you want to do is depute an NPC (non unplayable attribute) the Drug Trader trait. This is how you do that;

  1. Click on every Sim allow to enter the Drugs Folder.
  2. Go to Settings Folder > Allot NPC’s > Allot Drug Dealer
  3. Select which Sims you need to set as NPC Drug Dealers

Line that you can not sale drugs from those Sims, just bargain drugs from them.

To first purchase drugs from the drug trader you just made you want to bind him/her. The high the relationship level the better terms you’ll get and the more purchase choice, as well as high choice drugs, you will have accession to. Some of the drugs might not be accessible from the trader at all periods, if your trader doesn’t have it correct now, try again at various times. The terms will also change from area to area. You can ask your Drug Trader about the Drug Activity to get info on where drugs are cheap or costly right now.

You can also bargain some large packages of drugs direct from Buy Style. Go to Buy Way, search for “Hard drug”, “Velocity” or “MDMA”.

Sims 4 Basemental Drugs MOD

When you offset dealing cocaine you will yet level up in the Cocaine Handling Skill. All level comes with person and benefit related to cocaine handling. Here is a summary of each flat and what comes with the mod.

The sims 4 Basemental Drug Mod comes with different levels.

Level 1

You just started treatment hard drug

This is rather self instructive.

Level 2

You can now chopped high quality cocaine to small quality hard drug

Get baby cathartic from buy style. You want to have at most one ziplock bag of advanced quality hard drug in your Sims list, chink on the baby aperient, and choice “Cut Cocaine”. You will return 2-3 bags of greater choice cocaine in your tax return. Great way to first making again.

Level 3

You can state drugs from the Black Web

To right the Black Web, click on a machine or a tablet and choice the “Drugs” pie card. Click on Black Web and choose the drugs and measure of them you lack to order. They will be delivered by post the future day.

Level 4

Convert bespoken to have sexual practice with you for drugs. You can also sell 3 ziplock containers at the said time now.
(WickedWhims required)

You demand to have a flimsy relationship with the Sim you inquire and flirt a spot with them before the choice appears. You will also want to kind sure your Sim has a ziplock base of broad quality cocaine in the list.

When using the action, your Sim will manus over the zip lock base of cocaine, and you may continue to have activity with them like you usually would with Evil Whims. This statement will always be standard by the client after you spring them the drugs.

When marketing cocaine to bespoke you can now sell 2 poor and 2 bully choice ziplock base at the said time.

Level 5

You can rake off tailored and deal through the Black Web

To rake off a client, you want to have a bag of small prime cocaine in your Sims stock list, click on the Sim you lack to rip off, and choose the “Rip Off” Choice from the “Drugs” pie card. You will then device them into thought the cocaine is high then it really is, and also gain more Simoleons on the selling.

Cocaine nut may not season for this which will affect a red of relationship and a worried customer.

To sell through the Black Web you need zip lock bags of the hard drugs in your Sims stock list. Click on any figurer, then Drugs > Black Web > Tilt Drugs for Marketing. You can now tilt a full stack at a time. This will list all parts in the heap for sale.

Catalogued drugs will forestall you from first the base or marketing the bag to another Sims. You can still click on it and prime “Unlist”, this will return it to its mean state, it will no yearner be listed for Selling and you can sell and other use it as mean.

Your recorded drugs have an expiry time of 4 days, if an emptor is saved before the expiry time tally out your Sim will get an encrypted text message on their phone telling them that a buyer is found. If a client is not lost withal, your drugs will light their database regime. You will also get a telling if this occurs.

If a purchaser pays, click on your listed ingest (this works both from your ware and right of it), and quality “Send Payload” your Sim will pass over to the nighest mailbox and transfer the drugs to the vendor, and you will incur cash now after causing it.

Marketing drugs online will also increase points to your Black Web Vendor Star Appraisal Skill. A high star valuation skill level, not lone bend the chances of getting your drugs sold faster online but also net you more net per sale.

Level 6

Designate 1 high level customer

Stop consonant on your Sim, choose the “Drugs” pie fare, and the sub-menu titled “Cocaine Dealing”. Blue-ribbon “Make up one’s mind Full Level Client”. You will then change state to decide from a list of likely high-level clients.

These are Sims you can deal with building material of cocaine to. They will also get the cocain dealings trait as soon as you trade to them, import that other Sims may kickoff buying cocaine at once from those Sims.

There is a 36 hour time period limit in cognition on selling ceramic of cocaine to your full level clients.

If you poverty to take off a High-Level Client, stop on your Sim, prime the “Drugs” pie list, and the sub fare noble “Cocaine Dealing”. Take “Get rid of Full Level Client”. After a graduate-level client is distant you will turn the choice to increase a fresh one.

Level 7

Asking 2 flirty cocaine hungry fellow over

Stop on your Sim, choose the “Drugs” pie fare, and the sub bill titled “Cocaine Transaction”. Take “Cocaine Familiar”. You may prefer to invite 2 female or 2 male fellows over.

These fellows will be flirty, apt to have sex with your transaction Sim (if you have Sinful Whims installed), and will also scold and tap you for a line of cocaine once their broad clothing off.

You may brush off them by sound on them and quality the Ignore option.

Level 8

Depute one extra high level node

See even 6 if you want to ignore how to do this.

Level 9

Evoke a ample shot cocaine firm over

Stop on your Sim, choose the “Drugs” pie list, and the hero menu titled “Cocaine Handling”. Select “Ask for Big Shot Does Trader”.

The drug trader will come with two louts. You need to bind him to get the choice of purchase cocaine. This drug trader can only be titled upon every 3 days but he will in arrival give you crazily good cost on cocaine.

Level 10

Payoff the police

Click on your Sim, choose the “Basemental Drugs” pie bill, and the sub bill titled “Cocaine Handling”. Prime “Payoff the Cops”.

Your Sim will have to salary 10 000 Simoleons to corrupt the police, but they will in play-act off his or her rear for 12 hours.

(Presently only acquirable on Patreon)
Whenever you Payoff the Police you will broaden out the latent for Swat Foray and place lot Law Busts.

Smuggling from Selvadorada

(Definite quantity Forest Adventures EP)

Return your Cocaine Handling Sim on a holiday to Selvadorada. He or she necessarily at most a Cocaine Treatment ability of level 10.

One time you get to Selvadorada, effort up the topical bar and first confab up the local barman. Once your relationship level is in flood descent, you can ask the barman about deed the figure to a Cocaine System.

Now you have .42 hours to call the act the barman gave you. (Note that you want to be in Selvadorada to a phone call the figure). Click on your Sim, the Cocaine Trader subclass under the “Drugs” pie card, and call the Selvadorada Connexion.

What will go on next be on a few cause;

1. If your Handling Skill level is betwixt 5-8 there is a casual that the cops show up or else of the real monger. The cops will tire your Sim up, pull them off to poky, and lost their stock. There is also a casual of the firm actually screening up, of course.

2. If your Treatment Skill level is 5-10 the cops won’t demo up at all, you are bonded to the firm showing up. Also, if you play off Force Arrests in cobble, the cops won’t pretense up.

If and/or when the trader display up, you demand to talk to him a spot before purchase. Get familiar and so on. Then you click on the trader, select Cocaine to low the “Drugs” pie card, and choose “Bargain Cocaine”. There you will have the choice to buy full or low choice cocaine ceramic in bulk. The high your Handling Skill level, the cut-rate terms you will get.