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How many final fantasy games are there | List of all First, last, Best, Worst

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The Final Fantasy series can be discouraging to a starter. It’s one of the largest grants in video game past, a couple of back several decades. And several console makers. It’s also honorable massive, with a catalog of entries close treble digits. If you lack to get into Final Fantasy but don’t ignore where to outset.

Then view this guide your text to the FF series. We’ll go ended how galore Final Fantasy games there are, which ones you should play initially. Which games are reasoned the best, and which state you should show them in?

How many final fantasy games are there

How many Final Fantasy games are there total?

Spanning 32 years & binary formats and levels. Final Fantasy has claimed a blot as one of the best-selling & most loved video games. The series of all time. Square Enix ingrained the gift in 1987, business Final Fantasy for the NES. The fantasy-playing game has since done dozens of sequels, spin-offs, sort, ports, picture shows, and more.

The chief series includes 15 numbered debuts, starting with 1987s Final Fantasy. And end with 2015s Final Fantasy 15. All game takes point in a separate creation rather than helping as direct sequels. Square Enix has yet to sustain whether they’ve got in process on a 16th installment. With the Final Fantasy 7 Creation in the complex with a prey March 2020 release date. The house may not state the next major work for another 2-4 years.

Square Enix has publicized 7 games related to the chief series. Some of which go on stories constituted in previous titles. Final Fantasy 10-2, which grow on the science feature of Final Fantasy 10, was the first direct result released in the grant. Other direct results include Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Means and Final Fantasy 4: The Later Years.

The publisher has free four tactical acting games based on the series, starting with Final Fantasy Tactic, which came to PlayStation in 1996. It has since been discharged as Final Fantasy Tactics: The Action of the Lions and ported to PlayStation Movable, iOS, and Android. Another floating tactical game, Final Fantasy Tactics S, was set up on iOS and Android in May 2014.

Fabula Star Crystallis Final Fantasy, a Final Fantasy sub serial, enlarge on the lore of the concern. Search the themes implanted in its thing title, Final Fantasy 8. The sub-series present six extra titles crossways several platforms. Most of which do as result for Final Fantasy 8.

The Final Fantasy franchise has bred over 20 spin-offs unfit. The series ranging from wag action to 3D person. While some of these titles use the weather from the briny series. But not all are true Final Fantasy riders. The Final Fantasy Fable games, for example, are really entries in the SaGa series. That was proprietary for the North American masses.

Which Final Fantasy should I play first?

We know what you’re rational: With so many halt in the series, which Final Fantasy game should I outset with basic? As it so occurs, the games have almost no script between releases. Or else, they simply share thematic weather. And recurring fauna or character originals, such as Moogles or a mortal named Cid.

If you lack to check out the Final Fantasy serial for yourself. We’d generally urge starting with the newest core game easy for whichever platform you have. As of 2021, Final Fantasy 7 Redo is the newest ware. It’s simple across PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The creation version of Final Fantasy VII is also gettable on the previous-gen level. Though it’s by no way a new release.

Is there an order to play Final Fantasy games?

Since the series has in the event no state, there’s no loved order in which to show Final Fantasy halt. All one does things a little bit differently. But with the elision of FFX-2, none of them move up on the effect of previous releases.

Still, many players select to start the order with the first game & watch its process over time. As such, they get down with the first Final Fantasy release. They show through the part of the core games arts. They’ll also atypically fault FFXI and FFXIV. Since those two are batch multiplayer online games that fortuity from the orthodox. The single-player JRPG formula.

It’s quite a task, but if you need to see everything that the Final Fantasy. The series which has to crack, you can line through the core games in this order:

  1. Final Fantasy (NES)
  2. Final Fantasy II (NES)
  3. Final Fantasy III (NES)
  4. Final Fantasy IV (SNES)
  5. Final Fantasy V (SNES)
  6. Final Fantasy VI (SNES) – sold in the U.S. as Final Fantasy 3, not to be confused with the NES release
  7. Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)
  8. Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)
  9. Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation)
  10. Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)
  11. Final Fantasy XII (PlayStation 2)
  12. Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
  13. Final Fantasy XV (PlayStation 4)

Which Final Fantasy is best?

If you need to hit the particular of the Final Fantasy series. It would make it important to draft out the best games in the ordering. Still, there’s a lot of give-and-take. Over which several Final Fantasy game is best. At least fans would say Final Fantasy 7 is the series’ broad point. But mass review sites like Metacritic would differ.

Accordant to Metacritic, the best graded Final Fantasy game is FFIX. Then go very closely by FFVII. FFVI, in this suit, the GBA variant, comes in at a next third. And is graded just slightly above FFX in the 4th spot. Tactics Advance and FFVIII in effect tie for the 5th rank, with FFVIII having a high Metascore. While Tactics Front has a higher user grade.

With all that said, Final Fantasy 7 is normally reasoned the best. It’s simply petted by more fans of the series. And clear has a much more sacred following. Yet, FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX are all free for the PlayStation during the golden 32-bit epoch. All of them consistently gross among the series’ first games. In a shell, any one of this halt could be advised as an information of the best the order has to offer.

And what order it is. Final Fantasy is honestly known in the video game industry. And counts among its ranks few of the first selling JRPGs in yore. Sure, there are near 100 games gross, but any one of the center 15 material possession. They will serve as an okay place to start for series entrants.

Best final fantasy to Start With

Not only the high-grade Final Fantasy game to not have a redo (so far) but also the best Final Fantasy game awash stop, Final Fantasy VI quite justly holds a stabile place in the whist of franchise and JRPG fans everyplace. Widely well-advised to be one of the first video games of all cases, Final Fantasy VI busy the series heady matter of turn-based fight, a sprawling overworld interpret and a hugely epic tale that really, *really* goes places

Bound to a marvelous world that is deeply influenced by steampunk plan which feels 100 times freshman than the banal fantasy setting of previous games, Final Fantasy VI boasts 14 contrary playable qualities – the most the order has ever seen.

A reflection on what it means to be human with the motif of ism and control wet throughout, the plot of Final Fantasy VI is wide heed as one of the series best. As if that wasn’t decent to sell you on the grandness of arguably the best Final Fantasy game in the state, Final Fantasy VI also has a boss fight in which you go to suplex a specter train which is trying to kill you with ‘bad toots’

It’s infeasible to take banal of the JRPG revival of the late 1990s without directly assets Final Fantasy VII. Equal a large leap in broad scope storytelling and act values, Final Fantasy VII arguably brought the form kicking and intense into the neo era

With a cast of deeply unforgettable quality on a quest to salve the world from a wicked, world ruin company all the while a faint evil lurks in the background, Gloom, Tifa, Aerith, and Barrett are all much household names at this factor, such as the failure of Final Fantasy VII in exalt interest in the JRPG genre in the westmost

From the sad chance of Midgar to the bubbly hubbub of the Gilt Saucer and all over in-between, Final Fantasy VII’s superb story and mold of characters is twin only by the locus that you’ll find them in. Given the sheer width and desire of Final Fantasy VII, it’s little marvel that its modern remake is such a lengthy and expensive task, to say the least.