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15 Best Rifles in Fallout 4 & How to get Most Powerful Rifle (Best location)

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15 Best Rifles in Fallout 4 – The amazing game Fallout has an abundance of weapons for the players to choose, find and modify in their power to recover their son and bring peace to the Commonwealth. Gradually, the players can sway around weapons when they discover enormous and badder tools. 

There are a few weapons that are on the top in terms of how useful and destructive they are in the battle. The player must always choose a weapon that aligns their character’s personal playstyle, and strength.  However, it would be stupid to ignore the legendary weapons.

Best Rifles in Fallout 4

Everyone is aware of the effectiveness of the Rifle archetype in FPS games, how effective they are in terms of long-range encounters. As a result, every shoot has the ability to cause disastrous damage to your rivals. If your precision is flawless, you will probably need just a couple of shots to end any threats that you encounter  in the Fallout.

In this article, I have listed all the cool and amazing rifles you can find in Fallout 4. 

15. Reba II

This remarkable rifle comes with unique characteristics that give you the chance of dealing 50% more damage to Mireluks and bugs. Also, the long-range potential allows you to have the distance benefit of dealing with a group of specific enemies.

To get hands-on with this rifle, you will have to reach the Rook family house traveling through Salem. There, find the Rook family house and you will be given a quest that will be called “Gun Run” that gives this rifle as a reward.

However, you can obtain this cool rifle through some wicked and mischievous ways!

14. Old Reliable

Old Reliable rifle was founded by merchant Dejen in Arcadia. This rifle has a lot of potentials if you have got the correct build. 

One of the advantages of this weapon is the ability to shoot an additional projectile. To improve the results and to get the best results out of this weapon, you will need to focus on the bonuses that improve single-shot damage. 

13. The Problem Solver

Before knowing more about this rifle, keep in mind that you will need to take a couple of Charisma points first. To get your hands on this bad boy, you will have to complete the mason’s charisma test in the Ambitious Plan quest.

The Problem Solver comes with the potential of increasing the damage you do while shooting the same target repeatedly. That’s pretty cool and useful too.

12. Railway Rifle

Railway Rifle has similar compositions to the ancient weapon. If you are someone who loves crossbows, you will be comfortable with this rifle.

It appears with quicker travel times of spikes/bolts and higher effectiveness through limb damage.  

You can get this beast once hit the 20th level. It’s quite easy to find this one.

11. Combat Rifle

It’s considered to be one of the most conventional weapons in Fallout 4. However, due to its lack of rarity, you can find its variations by looting enemies. 

You can increase the precision of this rifle based upon your character build and the rifle perks.

So, it is a worthwhile weapon for beginners.  

10. Radium Rifle

Radium rifles have quite interesting gaming mechanics. It shows how radiation works in a living creature. 

9. Radical Conversion

It is a unique radium rifle with some penetrating features. To get this rifle, you will have to complete the Ablutions quest from the DLC.

Radical Conversion is awesome as it disregards 30% of the target’s energy resistance and damage.  It is a very powerful choice if you want a rifle that can deal with damage regardless of the defense.

8. Kiloton Radium Rifle

You can get this rifle from Brother Kane in the Nucleus once you have joined the Children of Atom in the Far Harbor DLC. You may find things easier once you have got this one.

This rifle comes with spectral perks even though it represents the same design as the Radium Rifle. It bears the explosive legendary effect as well. This rifle is therefore much similar to the Spray n’ Prays as they can be automatic and bear an additional 15 points of explosive damage per shot.

In all, every bullet explodes on impact and performs area of effect (AOE) damage close to your target.

7. Assault Rifle

Once your character reaches level 25, here is an amazing upgrade. Assault rifles can be found everywhere on the map just like the Combat Rifle. Also, it comes with too many modifications to count. No doubt, this is an amazing rifle.

As this can be customized very easily, it can swiftly adapt to your character’s built. It can also be altered to deal with high amounts of damage. 

You can get hands-on this rifle from the legendary mobs and increase their performances as well.

6. Handmade Rifle

Handmade Rifle comes with advantages and disadvantages. Most of the features are common, that is found in most rifles. But, it comes with a big disadvantage. It has the ability to do more damage from the start because of the ammunition used in this gun. 

Unfortunately, one can only loot these bullets from DLC in certain areas only.  Consequently, you will have to repeatedly travel to Nuka World to find a few merchants who may have bullets for you.

5. December’s Child

At first, this rifle may look like a Combat Rifle. The sound of it may be the same but it comes with some unique and improved features.

It is lighter in weight which is the biggest advantage. The fire rate is 25% faster, ammo usage is 5.56 and it reloads 15% faster. All the significant features right?

To get your hands on this, you will have to travel Far Harbor to the Vim Pop Factory with Nick Valentine as your escort. This won’t be at all easy, but it will be worth it.

4. Spray n’ Pray

This powerful weapon can be purchased from a wandering merchant, Cricket. As this weapon comes with the legendary Explosive Fix, you can damage the targets and have more control over the mobs. 

It has a lower chance of appearing across random vendors across the commonwealth. It is one of the power rifles because of its strong damage per second.

3. Overseer’s Guardian

You can buy this weapon from Alexis Combes once you reach Vault 81. It’s worth every penny. 

It’s one of the most powerful rifles in Fallout 4.  It comes with a sleek design and a powerful firing rate. 

With Overseer’s rifle, you will do damage twice as much as the other usual rifles. In fact, maybe more than double if you beef this up a bit.

2. Splattercannon

This weapon can be easily obtained through the Aaron Corbett vendor in the Nuka town market.  Once you are equipped with this rifle, you will never wish to let it go. 

What makes this rifle so amazing? This rifle comes with the legendary Furious Affix. When you focus attention on a single target, more damage will be caused to you.  

With this amazing rifle in your hand, you just need a couple of critical shots to bring down the big guys. It’s a game-changer. 

1. Gauss Rifle

The topmost priority for your character after reaching the 30th level should be to unlock this rifle.  Every shot comes with AOE damage because this Gauss rifle comes with the Explosive feature. However, because of this feature, it won’t pick up the perk bonus from Demolition Expert. Though you will be fine with this kind of power.

The rounds to fire gauss rifles are a little tough to obtain, but every shot is worth it. 

There is one downside to this weapon, you will be needing to charge each shot beforehand. With the additional mods, you can add on this weapon which makes it a beast to behold.